Traffic Through the Canal Has Witnessed The Highest Daily Record In The Number Of Transits – 87 Vessels At A Total Net Tonnage Of 4.8 Million Tons

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29.09.2021 was a big day for both Suez Canal and Lucky Dolphin Marine Services. Suez Canal has witnessed the passage of 87 vessels from both directions without any waiting time in the waterway, while Lucky Dolphin Marine Services solely has supplied 37 vessels out of the grand total “87 vessels”. At this very day, we have celebrated our hard work and our ability to deal with urgent situations in the smoothest, and most professional way possible. Thus, we have received many positive feedbacks and appreciation letters.

Our extraordinary team proves day after day that Lucky Dolphin Marine Services is able to handle all the emergencies, stress and rough situations skillfully and spontaneously.

Thanks to Suez Canal Authority, in addition to the New Suez Canal, the passage was ready to handle all various changes in the global maritime trade after the increase in the numerical and accommodation capacity of Suez Canal. The waterway development projects are a top priority in the time to come due to its significance to the political leadership in Egypt.

Lucky Dolphin Marine Services is very proud as it contributes to the flourishment of Egypt’s economy as we make sure that we leave a great impact on our clients.

That day mentioned above was only one of our great days that happen every single day. And as always, our diligence energized us to pay more effort and to stay loyal to our passion and devotion for our respected company, we’re moving forward to a brighter future as the largest effective company in ship supply industry.


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