“Logistics and Safety” is the key element that ensures the efficiency and fulfillment of sustainability

marine trade


Thanks to our great team and our Logistics measures; our customers’ feedbacks have been outstanding. Whenever we talk of incredible Marine Supply, we must mention Logistics and Safety Management as it stands as a main reason for our success. We, Lucky Dolphin, believe that Logistics and Safety is the key element that ensures the efficiency and fulfillment of sustainability

Starting with our warehouses, we use technology to standardize logistics management so we can control products and ships’ owners spare parts consignment handling, implement top security measures in loading/off-loading, make sure digital safety policies and procedures are implemented to protect the storage process and sustain quality control. Most importantly, we have trained our staff in safety and protection issues so they can punctually identify threats and purpose, and execute solutions.

In this sense, it’s important to make sure that there are no product damages that might happen in the packaging process due to mishandling during storage and transportation. Logistics safety systems include barcode labels or electronic markers and readers to record the entrance and exit of the goods, and monitoring the goods until they are safely arrived make us a leading Ship supply company that not only follows the legal protection measures, but also follows the most preventative safety measures that could internationally exist.

And as for the measures regarding Covid-19, we make sure that our team follows all the preventative measures starting with the vaccine and ending with being extremely careful while dealing with our clients on and off-shore. Last but not least, we are also very careful when it comes to keeping the environment functioning, as we follow all the pollution prevention methods in sludge disposal, goods delivery, etc. Simply, Lucky Dolphin works tirelessly & steadily on improving logistic services.


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